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Why me?

A warm welcome to our joint practice for gynaecology!

It is our goal to always treat our patients the way we want to be treated: with medical competence, the necessary rest and time, but also with the trusting respect for the personality of the woman seeking advice and help.

Since the foundation of the practice in 2001, our main focus has been on gynecological oncology as well as gynaecological surgery:


Gynaecological Oncology:

As a gynaecological practice with an oncological focus, we offer outpatient chemotherapies as part of a cancer treatment. Before the start of chemotherapy, a medical examination and a detailed consultation on the benefits, procedures and side effects of such treatment are always performed. Particular attention is paid to the wishes and needs of the patient.

The treatment is carried out according to the guidelines of the expert associations, e.g. the Working Group for Gynaecological Oncology. Before and after breast cancer surgery, all treatment steps are discussed in weekly interdisciplinary tumor conferences with specialists from other disciplines.

Our aim is to accompany patients competently and humanly as equal partners within the framework of evidence-based medicine. At the same time, we want you to benefit from the latest achievements in medical research and discuss new treatment options individually with you. We are always looking for an optimal, tailor-made therapy for every patient. In this framework, we consider intensive psycho-social care to be an essential duty, which we carry out together with specially trained psycho-oncologists and social workers.

Regular follow-up examinations are performed every 3 to 6 month, thus in accordance with the recommendations of the Tumor Center Munich and the expert associations.


Gynaecological surgery:

In addition to the routine gynaecological procedures, we have specialized in the surgery of the female breast.

Patients with breast cancer are operated according to the guidelines of the AGO (Working Group Gynaecological Oncology) in cooperation with the colleagues of the "Breast Center Dr. Geisenhofer am Englischen Garten" certified in September 2007, according to the latest standards. This includes, in particular, the so-called sentinel lymph node removal, a new and gentle method for assessing the tumor expansion in the area of the lymph nodes of the armpit. Plastic-surgical procedures are used as well to ensure an optimal cosmetic result after breast cancer surgery.

In addition, we offer all common gynecological surgical procedures. You can also arrange short-term appointments for presentation in our practice.

In the Dr. Geisenhofer Clinic, these operations are performed, both on an outpatient and inpatient basis. Specialist medical care is provided around the clock. Your treating doctor or your relatives will be informed of the procedure after the intervention.


PAXMAN - Support during chemotherapy:

The first question that is usually asked as soon as one is informed about the necessity of chemotherapy, is whether one will lose the hair or not. We also know that many patients classify hair loss as one of the most feared side effects of chemotherapy. The psychological effect is high and can have a dramatic effect on self-confidence – but there is an alternative: scalp cooling, also called cooling caps. It can be used to prevent alopecia induced by chemotherapy. At the same time, scalp cooling has a positive effect on self-confidence, strength and hope of people who decide for treatment.

Gynaecology Arabella has chosen PAXMAN. A family business founded after the chairman's wife lost her hair during chemotherapy for breast cancer. PAXMAN knows what thoughts and feelings come up when you lose your own hair. We want patients to regain some control.

How does scalp cooling work?

The damage that chemotherapy inflicts on the hair follicles can be reduced by scalp cooling and cooling caps. It works by lowering the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees just before, during and after chemotherapy. This reduces blood flow to the hair follicles, which reduces or even prevents hair loss. In addition, the Paxman scalp cooling system is a convenient and tolerable option compared to other scalp cooling methods.

Talk to us, we will explain the application and the benefits in detail.


About me:

  • Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Long-term work as a senior physician at the women's clinic on the Rechts der Isar Technical University in Munich
  • In May 2001, opening of practice in Munich: Dr. med. Jürgen Kowolik - Dr. med. Anita Prechtl
  • Certification of the German Cancer Aid (Registered Society), Gynaecological Oncology
  • Focus designation "Gynaecological Oncology" through the Bavarian Medical Association
  • Member of the Examination Committee "Gynaecological Oncology" and "Medicinal Tumor Therapy"
  • Member BNGO (Professional Association of Established Gynaecological Oncologists)
  • Member of the project group Breast Cancer of the Tumor Center Munich


In addition to our focus, we offer the entire spectrum of gynaecology:

Screening, pregnancy care, contraceptive issues, treatment of menopause complaints, etc.


I look forward to your visit!




Dr. med. Anita Prechtl


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