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Why me?


My name is Elena Plechistova, I am a clinical psychologist and a member of Russian Professional Psychology League (PPL).

Psychology and mysteries of the human soul were my passion since childhood times and right now I have over 20 years of professional experience in this field. My devotedness allows me to make extensive and fulfilling sessions with my clients, participate and organize professional conventions and seminars on regular basis as well as to work on social projects such as organizing psychological meetings in the largest Kaliningrad Charity Organisation "I Believe in a Miracle", therapy work with groups of parents of kids with serious and rare diseases (including palliative work).

In my Job I always strive to help everyone to find their personal "key" to themselves, which includes solving all conflicts within themselves and the outside world.

Key principle of my therapy is to achieve the biggest results with every Client while taking into account his personal needs, situation and being flexible in terms of most efficient therapy method. I commonly use widely known methods such as Geschtalt therapy, talking therapy, but often together with Clients we find other practices to work better in their case: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericsonian hypnosis or the quantum psychology.






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