Mobile and active despite gonarthrosis


The Vital-Zentrum Glotz offers osteoarthritis ortheses for free testing:

Our branch Office in Holzgerlingen, Böblinger Straße 8/1, 71088 Holzgerlingen

Our branch Office in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, König-Karl-Str. 32, 70372 Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt



The dynamic, extended 3 point-action principle inserts just above and below the joint head and thus distributes forces optimally. This principle relieves the affected knee compartment (medial) or (lateral) and thus significantly relieves the gonarthrosis pain, so that you can reliably increase your activity level.


The advantages of knee orthosis at a glance:

• Permanent pain relief
• Gentle, relieving effect
• Postponement of an artificial joint
• No side effects from medication or restriction of medications
• Lightweight construction, hardly wears
• 3 point-action principle optimally distributes forces
• Increase in activity
• Great long-term benefits
• Effective stabilization
• Improvement of quality of life
• Delaying operations
• Avoidance of surgical risks

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