Mobile and active despite knee osteoarthritis


Mobile and active despite knee osteoarthritis? Yes! The numerous visitors of our expert lectures on June 24, 2019 learned all sorts of interesting facts about arthrosis.

Jana Rogoschin, Sports Physiotherapist of the company Össur, provided - amongst others - sport tips for everyday life to improve mobility of osteoarthritis patients. Dr. Kosara Schütt from the Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation, presented therapy options for osteoarthritis patients. In addition, Manuel Bauer, master orthopedic technician at the Vital Center Glotz, explained the role of orthoses in the treatment of this frequently occurring clinical picture. As another highlight for the visitors, two very likable customers of Glotz reported on their consistently positive experience with the osteoarthritis orthosis ÖSSUR® UNLOADER® ONE WITH SMARTDOSING®. Dog Peppi joined us as well!.


Afterwards, a small snack provided the cozy end to the event, with the opportunity for mutual exchange vividly used.

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