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Kosmetikprodukte - ZO® Skin Health

Why cosmetic products in a practice for plastic surgery?

For my patients and me only the best!


The skin is our largest organ and at the same time the mirror of the soul. Phrases such as "feeling good in one’s skin" or "that gets under my skin" have a profound meaning.

Healthy and flawless skin - that's what every person desires. Healthy skin is soft, well moisturized, firm, has an even color and structure and is insensitive. The factors of age, genetics, environmental influences such as UV radiation, diet, stress, hormones, sleep and skin care play a decisive role in this.

A balanced lifestyle and effective skin care can restore healthy skin.

I have been working in plastic facial surgery for almost 20 years and have always had a lively exchange with many colleagues. Even at congresses, I did not only look at instruments, but also cosmetic products, for the benefit of my patients as well as for me personally. I have always been on the lookout for "honest" products, without false promises that were suggested to me by means of expensive glossy advertising.

It is known from biochemical research that only vitamin A and C and, to a lesser extent, fruit acids can penetrate the skin. Researchers have shown that certain concentrations of vitamin A in combination with antioxidants can inhibit the skin's aging process by stimulating repair processes and protecting it from free radicals. However, such products are not usually sold in Germany for various reasons. Vitamin A application is critical in higher dosages and also prescription, because it is declared as a drug. But vitamin A is highly effective in stimulating many of the metabolic processes of the skin. I personally found products that meet these requirements in ZO®. ZO is named after Zein Obagi, MD from Beverly Hills.


What is special about ZO?

Unlike any other traditional anti-aging skin care, ZO® Skin Health works on a cellular level so that the skin becomes healthy, nourishes itself, repairs and renews. The ZO® Skin Enhancement Programs helps to achieve optimum health via concerted application of retinol, antioxidants and vitamins, which help to activate the repair mechanism of the skin.


How does that work for you as a patient?

Following an anamnesis and a detailed examination of your skin, I will provide you with a treatment plan with the corresponding products from the Daily Skin Care series. In addition to the products, you will also receive a detailed, written treatment plan as well as an appointment for a "recall". After a certain period of time - if necessary - you can change or supplement the products according to the set treatment goal after your skin got used to regular retinol intake. In the course of this habituation phase skin irritations, redness and also a slight itching may occur. In this phase as well, I am there for you as your treating doctor. After 6 weeks at the latest, a wonderful "skin feeling" sets in for you. In addition, there are certain formulas from the medical series that can be used to treat problems such as pigmentary disorders, rosacea or acne.

Dr. Obagi recommends a 5-step plan that includes the following steps with unique products:  


Step 1: Cleaning

The ZO® cleansing products remove blemishes, neutralize free radicals and nourish with powerful antioxidants; this improves the skin texture, the complexion becomes fresher and the skin becomes receptive to the following steps.  


Step 2: Activation

The special ZO® products increase the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. They polish dead skin cells and the sebum from the skin surface so that the active ingredients can penetrate and work better.  


Step 3: Stimulation

The ZO® products activate the cell function and are the core of the philosophy of Dr. Ing. Zein Obagi. This improves irregular pigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces excessive collagen breakdown and increases elasticity. All products contain Retinol (Vitamin A) as the most active ingredient for stimulating and renewing skin cells. To restore skin vitality, basal cells must be stimulated.

This increases mitosis with the following consequences:

• Increase the production of keratinocytes

• The dermis gets thicker

• Improvement of blood circulation

• Improvement of skin functions

• Reduction of collagen degradation

• Stimulation of fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin

• Consolidation of the basal membrane

• The epidermis becomes fuller and more elastic, smoothing wrinkles.


This stimulation of the skin is an uninterrupted process that should be maintained throughout life, especially after the age of 30, and that is significantly reduced by false cosmetics, in the sense of over-treating. When the skin cells are stimulated, damaged and dead cells are transported to the surface and repelled to allow new healthy cells to emerge. The skin is restored and rejuvenated.


Step 4: Soothe and Maintain

These ZO® products contain anti-inflammatory substances that reduce any redness and irritation that may occur after treatment with high-concentration retinol and vitamin C; in addition, they have a nourishing and moisturizing effect.


Step 5: Protect

Dr. Obagi recommends a high-tech sunscreen, which is applied every day. Research has shown that this can prevent severe long-term damage after increased sun exposure.


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