Patient Services

Would you like to present your case to the right specialist and ask for a second opinion from our top specialists in a wide range of fields?

Would you like to receive a treatment proposal from one of our TOP specialists in German, English, Arabic or Russian?

Would you like to get an appointment with one of your preferred healthcare providers as soon as possible and at the desired time?

Would you like to have your doctor's report or treatment proposal translated into one or more other languages?

With the patient services of your wishes are only one click away!

Medical second opinion / Treatment Plan - national

The experts of my-med-24 will find the right specialist or healthcare provider for you in your home country.

150,00 €

Medical second opinion / Treatment proposal - International

The experts of my-med-24 will find the right specialist or healthcare provider for you: worldwide!

250,00 €

Medical second opinion / treatment proposal + Appointment - international

Your individually tailord second opinion from our top specialists worldwide - your desired date of appointment included!

350,00 €

Appointment on Demand - national

Receive your appointment with our top specialists and service providers whenever YOU want and have the time!

75,00 €

Translation of Medical Reports

Do you need your medical report in another language? We translate your reports for international use!

Your unique Service Portal with you will find what you are looking for!

On, you will receive a comprehensive overview of various service providers from all health sectors. Your search can be customized by our strong filter system to suit your individual requests, so that you will a few clicks away from your best match- regardless of the language of your search!

If you register as a patient on, you will also have access to other interesting functions such as international second opinions, translation of medical reports, etc. all in four languages.