PRIME Breast Augmentation

PRIME Breast Augmentation

PRIME  Breast Augmentation - The newest trend in aesthetic breast surgery

With this particularly natural method of breast augmentation, breast implants are now neither visible nor noticeable.

The Composite Breast Augmentation is an innovative procedure for surgical breast augmentation with PRIME breast augmentation in Munich. It combines the best of two established methods of plastic aesthetic surgery: breast augmentation with implant and breast structuring with autologous fat.

With this gentle surgical technique, the breast can be shaped particularly aesthetically and naturally. Existing inequalities of the breasts (breast asymmetries) are also optimally compensated by additional autologous fatty tissue.

The Munich surgeon Dr. med. Maximilian Eder has specialized in plastic aesthetic breast surgery and is one of Germany's pioneers in this field: "Breast augmentation is the most frequently performed plastic aesthetic surgery in Germany. There are constant developments and improvements in this area. In order to offer my patients the best possible result, it is important to me to always be up-to-date". His practice is one of the first in Germany in which breast augmentation with autologous fat in combination with implants is already performed.  

With this modern type of breast augmentation, the surgeon first uses modern round breast implants that are positioned in front of the pectoral muscle. Dr. Eder uses only premium implants with a nano-surface structure that are very soft and ensure a natural breast shape. Subsequently, the breast is formed in particular in the area of the implant edges with the body's own fat, which is obtained by a combined liposuction from legs, abdomen or flanks. This additional "padding" of the implants with autologous fat achieves that implants are no longer visible and palpable.  

Who is suited for a PRIME Breast Augmentation?

The PRIME breast augmentation is particularly suitable for petite women with little connective tissue on the breast. According to the breast specialist, it is often the case in these patients that the silicone implants would be clearly visible due to the non-existent breast tissue. This can be avoided by instillation of autlogous fat.
However, the PRIME breast augmentation is also suitable for those who want a breast augmentation with the most natural result possible. With this gentle method, the breast can be enlarged by several Cup sizes without appearing unnatural. This allows me to achieve an optimal desired result for many women.

These are the advantages of PRIME breast augmentation over a conventional breast augmentation.
The combination of a breast enlargement with implant and autologous fat compensates for the possible disadvantages of conventional methods:
In a pure breast augmentation with implant, for petite women with little natural breast, the implant is usually inserted under the pectoral muscle. This is to prevent the implant edges from being visible and palpable after the operation. When the implant is inserted above the pectoral muscle, the result often appears unnatural, especially in petite women. 
However, the insertion under the pectoral muscle is usually associated with greater pain, as the pectoral muscle is stretched. By adding the body's own fat, I can place the implant over the pectoral muscle even in thin patients and then optimally cover it. Although round implants are used, the result is extremely natural. In addition, in contrast to drop-shaped implants, there is no risk of displacement or rotation after the procedure. With PRIME breast augmentation, the implants are inserted extremely gently in a no-touch technique with the help of the Keller-funnel through very small incisions of max. 2.5 cm of length.
A major advantage of conventional breast augmentation with own fat is that the female breast can be enlarged by several cup sizes. Normally, a maximum of one size is possible with a breast enlargement with autologous fat. In addition, the combined liposuction can correct possible problem areas at other parts of the body in the same operation.

By injection of autologous fat with the PRIME breast augmentation, the use of smaller implants is possible . This makes the ratio between own tissue and implant much better and does not stretch the skin too much. The PRIME breast augmentation is therefore the optimal method for all women who want a clear but at the same time very natural enlargement of their breast. 

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