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Why me?

Quality, performance and care servicing your health.

Thanks to our valued customers and the skilled work of more than 250 employees, today Glotz is a leading brand for full-range medical supply, orthopedic technology, orthopedic shoe technology, rehabilitation technology, medical technology and homecare in the greater Stuttgart area and in the entire southern German region.

In our Vital-Center Glotz in Gerlingen, our subsidiaries and also online, we offer everything out of one hand and are there for you. You and your health are at the center of our thinking and acting as a company and as a healthcare provider.

As a family business and now under the leadership of the head orthopedic mechanic Joachim Glotz, we have been present in the Greater Stuttgart area for the third generation. We are committed to our region and a well-known provider in Southern Germany. Our 80-years of company history are based on the best possible advice and care, on proven rehabilitation products and services as well as on prevention, health care and nursing.

We are committed to these successful principles, because satisfied customers deserve a competent partner, quality, openness and friendliness. As a professional partner, sponsors, therapists, nursing and care staff and especially medical professionals rely on our services.

Aware of our tradition, our eyes are on the future. As a modern training company and employer, we secure the future of the profession and inspire young people. Glotz will also be there for you in the future.

Your trust is what we work for.

For your plus in quality of life, we engage every day.

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