The protector for implanted defibrillators, pacemakers and event recorders

Защитный механизм для имплантированных дефибрилляторов, кардиостимуляторов и событийных ЭКГ-регистраторов

We have developed the Defi-Protector so that you can be safely on the move, be it at work, leisure or sports. The system, which has been tested thoroughly, protects cardiological implants from dangerous impacts.

If you want to stay active despite a pacemaker, we recommend you to learn more about the Defi-Protector, because we have developed it specifically for the protection of cardiological implants. The Defi-Protector efficiently cushions impairments by adapting them to your physiognomy. Incidentally, this also applies to your professional environment or any hazards when driving.

The tailor-made protector consists of an elastic strap, a protective cushion and an anatomical shoulder ring. Since all these parts are made of breathable materials and individually tailored to you, the Protector surprises with a high wearing comfort. This individual production allows its precious protection also in a targeted and individual way for children.

If you personally, a relative or an acquaintance wear a cardiological implant, the Defi-Protector is a really reasonable recommendation.

Would you like to learn more about our innovative protection system and get individual advice? Feel invited to contact our Department of Orthopaedic Engineering directly under +49 7156/17898-300 or

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